Our Virtual Assessment Centre is a chance to find out more about the graduate and apprenticeship roles at BDO and whether they are right for you.

You’ll be assessed alongside other potential trainees.

What the day involves

You’ll take part in a continuous assessment with some key objectives to achieve by the end of the day. Some of the tasks include:

  • Group exercise
  • Individual presentation
  • Interview
  • Written exercise

You won’t need to prepare a presentation in advance – we’ll send you any details during the application process.

Tips for the assessment day

  • Be sure to have done your research on BDO and the role you have applied for.
  • Think about your personal strengths and areas for development.
  • Make sure you are somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted, with a stable internet connection.
  • Most importantly, be yourself, get involved in the tasks, and use the opportunity to work out if BDO is right for you.

Finally, remember that whatever the outcome, your assessment day is a valuable learning experience. Even if you’re unsuccessful in securing a role at BDO on this occasion, we’ll provide you with feedback to help you improve on your performance in the future. We want you to succeed as much as you do.

Be yourself, get involved in the tasks


Interactive assessment

We'll be looking for evidence of what you do well and enjoy doing.

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Online Application

The key to success lies in preparation and careful research into the role.

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We know you might have questions, so we've prepared a list of answers for your questions.

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