Protect people’s savings and gain end-to-end audit experience.

Our dedicated Pension Audit team in Guildford, Surrey, looks after more than 400 of the UK’s 6000 pension schemes. It has some 250 clients ranging from large defined benefit schemes, with assets of up to £1.5bn to small individual schemes.

Audit is a statutory requirement to ensure schemes are properly managed, but it also ensures people’s lifetime investments are well looked after. We don’t just check the figures, we look for underlying issues and help clients fix them before they cause a problem.

Pensions audits are carried out in much the same way as corporate audits and you will learn many of the same skills. However, most are on a smaller scale and so Pensions offers the complete end-to- end audit experience much earlier in your career. You may even get to do a complete audit yourself within 6 to 12 months (fully supervised and supported). Much of the audit work is undertaken in the office, but we also make visits to clients across the UK.

Success in Pensions Audit demands an enquiring mind and strong professional scepticism. That means looking for evidence to support the figures. We expect a commitment to achieving a professional accountancy qualification and offer you secondments to other areas of the business in order to build a broader range of experience.

We truly understand the issues our clients face


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