The secret of our success is our people, which is why we continue to invest in them as a priority.

BDO is made up of circa 6000 individuals, each of whom brings something special and unique. We believe that creating an environment where our people can be themselves leads to better decision-making, better outcomes, and a more enjoyable work experience.

Being yourself means feeling welcome. We have a responsibility to all our people, to our clients and to UK society to build and promote an inclusive and diverse culture. Above all, that means respecting people. It means understanding and valuing who they are and everything they bring to BDO: their knowledge and experience, their skills and technical abilities, but also their personality, hobbies and interests. We know it takes imagination, creativity, empathy and humour to deliver exceptional service as well as professional expertise and attention to detail, and so we encourage our people to engage their personalities and bring their whole selves to every project.

Being yourself also means being able to work in a way that suits the way you think, learn, and collaborate. We’ve listened to our clients and employees and we’ve developed a new approach to working at BDO: WORKABLE, our Agile Working framework. Rather than being prescriptive about which days and how many you need to be in the office, we’re giving you the flexibility to choose how, where, and when you work in order to make the best use of your time and talents to accomplish the task in hand.

As well as allowing you to work in a way and from a location that will enable you to be at your most productive, we’re providing a range of tools and support to help you stay connected but also learn, collaborate and support one another and our clients when you’re working apart. We’re investing an extra £10m each year over the next three years to continually improve agile working. We’re investing in new digital tools and working with the London Business School to ensure our people have access to the training they need to use them most effectively.

Adopting an agile working approach – giving you the freedom to adapt your ways of working from one task to the next – will help you work more efficiently, delivering better outcomes for our clients, but it will also help you meet your needs outside work, giving you a better work-life balance. Agile working is about helping you and our clients succeed, together.

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To read our 2021 Culture Report, please click BDO-Culture-Report-2021.

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The secret of our success is our people


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