Emily’s story

Name: Emily James
Stream: Audit
Programme: Apprentice

Emily joined BDO when she turned 18 and was surprised at how quickly she was given responsibility to speak with clients one-to-one. She hasn’t looked back since.

“My sector does a lot of socials. I’ve met people from so many different backgrounds and cultures across Audit.”


Jing ZhaoGraduate Programme

Jing thinks that joining BDO is one of the best choices she made in her life.

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Hash MahendranGraduate Programme

Hash worked a year in finance before coming to BDO and found the variety he craved in Audit.

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Jasmine SmithGraduate Programme

Jasmine studied law and enjoyed the tax module so much she decided to switch careers and pursue tax further with BDO.

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Mark WeilerApprenticeship

Mark applied to BDO after his gap year and is really enjoying the way BDO accepts each individual for who they are and brings people together.

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BDO is committed to providing up-to-date advice for public sector clients as they navigate uncertain times and new challenges.

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A failing business can often be rescued by restructuring it. We offer pragmatic advice to help stabilise and improve such businesses and avoid formal insolvency.

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Managing change efficiently is essential in international tax and our international tax teams advise a wide range of clients in a variety of business sectors.

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Business Services and Outsourcing

Business Services & Outsourcing (BS&O) helps clients be more efficient by taking over finance and business processes.

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