When businesses are in trouble, we aim to return them to health and success.

Our Business Restructuring team advises and supports businesses that are facing financial and operational difficulties or potential insolvency. We work with the management team and other stakeholders to identify the best possible outcomes. Taking a commercial approach, we set out to preserve value, find efficiencies and improve business performance.

Our clients include companies and their directors, domestic and international banks, pension funds, private equity, alternative investment funds and government agencies. Our involvement is typically over months rather than years, so you can expect to experience a wide variety of restructuring scenarios, spanning diverse industries and issues.

You’ll study towards the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification while also undertaking speciality training in areas such as insolvency. Although initially your day-to-day work may focus on basic research, administration, correspondence and report writing, you’ll be at the heart of our client teams, working closely with clients and senior colleagues. Learning how businesses succeed and how they can fail is an excellent grounding for anyone with an entrepreneurial streak or an interest in business consulting, although there is also a strong career path within Business Restructuring itself.

Business Restructuring suits people who combine an interest in finance with strong commercial instincts and a practical approach to problem-solving. You’ll enjoy adapting to new and unfamiliar contexts and have the resilience and sensitivity to deal with businesses and individuals in distress. You may be working on several projects at once and, as situations may change fast, you’ll need the ability to multitask and to juggle priorities.

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We help clients with the valuation aspects of their financial reporting.

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There is no such thing as a typical assignment.

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What makes our service special is the way we understand and empathise.

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